Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer / 16 oz. / 10 Volume

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Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer / 16 oz. / 10 Volume. Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer is a game changer in the world of professional hair coloring. With 46 permanent shades and 18 demi shades, this product offers a wide variety of options for creating the perfect hair color. What makes this product even more special is its exclusive Soy Complex formula, which provides up to 65% more shine to the hair. The Premium Crme Developers are designed to be used exclusively with Clairol Professional Premium Crme permanent or demi-permanente hair color. They provide superior viscosity, which makes them easy to apply using a bowl and brush.

To achieve the desired color results, Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer offers a range of volume options. For matching or deepening color, 10-volume developer is recommended. For more than 30% gray coverage, at least 20-volume developer should be used. And for lightening natural hair color, the developer volumes vary depending on the initial hair color level.

For natural hair color levels 4-10 (light brown to lightest blonde), one level of lift can be achieved with 10-volume developer, while 2 levels of lift require 20-volume developer. 3 levels of lift require 30-volume developer, and 4 levels of lift require 40-volume developer. For those looking to achieve even more lift, double 40-volume developer can be used when mixed with high-lift blondes. On the other hand, for natural hair color levels 1-3 (black to medium brown), 20-volume developer is recommended for 1 level of lift, 30-volume developer for 2 levels of lift, and 40-volume developer for 3 levels of lift. Note that 40-volume developer is not recommended for use on relaxed or permed hair.

For those who prefer demi-permanent hair color, Clairol Premium Creme Demi Permanente Developer is the perfect option. When mixed with equal parts of Demi Permanente Premium Crme and dedicated developer, this formula deposits color only and does not lighten the hair. It covers up to 50% gray hair and enhances, deepens, and refreshes hair color.


  • To match or deepen color, use 10-volume Premium Crme Developer.
  • To cover more than 30% gray, use at least 20-volume.
  • To lighten natural hair color Levels 4-10
    (Light Brown - Lightest Blonde):
    1 LEVEL - 10 VOLUME
    2 LEVELS - 20 VOLUME
    3 LEVELS - 30 VOLUME
    4 LEVELS - 40 VOLUME
    5 LEVELS - DOUBLE 40* VOLUME - When mixed with high-lift blondes
  • To lighten natural hair color Levels 1-3(Black - Medium Brown):
    1 LEVEL - 20 VOLUME
    2 LEVELS - 30 VOLUME
    3 LEVELS - 40 VOLUME (note: 40-volume developer is not recommended for relaxed or permed hair)