Hydraulic Table Set-up and Troubleshooting Videos

Initial Installation out of the Box

Watch this video for the full initial installation when the table is delivered. This video also reviews how to adjust and rotate the table, as well as how to have clients enter and exit the table.

Proper Setup of Footrest

When setting up the table, ensure the screws in the footrest bars are moved, but they MUST be inserted. If they are not inserted, the footrest will fall too far and block the rotation!

Armrest & Table Paper Holder Installation

The soft flexible armrests are easy to install... but remember the purpose of the armrests is for the client's comfort during services. However, it's essential to remember that these armrests are NOT meant for bearing weight. They are NOT designed to assist in mounting or dismounting the bed, but instead are meant to improve client comfort during the service. Using them for weight-bearing purposes may damage the armrests and compromise their functionality.

If Table is Wobbling

If the whole table is a little wobbly, be sure to tighten this screw. This should be tightened upon setup and should be checked as regular maintenance monthly.