1-1/2" Jumbo Black Foam Rollers - 8/Pack by Soft 'N Style

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The 1-1/2" Jumbo Black Foam Rollers - 8/Pack. These Jumbo Black Foam Rollers are a must-have for any professional stylist looking to create beautiful curls with ease. Our soft foam rollers are gentle on hair, preventing breakage and dryness, and are comfortable to sleep on, making them a versatile and convenient styling tool.

Whether you're looking to create tight, defined curls or add volume and waves to your clients' hair, these rollers are perfect for achieving the look you want. Use smaller rollers for tighter, more defined curls or larger rollers for more body and volume.

These rollers are also ideal for clients who want to avoid heat styling or chemical treatments, making them a great alternative for those with sensitive or damaged hair. With their easy-to-use design and long-lasting results, these foam rollers are a reliable and effective choice for any stylist.

Invest in the 1-1/2" Jumbo Black Foam Rollers and elevate your clients' styling experience to the next level.


  • Prevents breakage
  • Won't dry out hair
  • Ideal for creating various curls
  • Comfortable to sleep in