11" Standing Laughing Buddha Statue by East-West Furnishings

MZ-333053   STA-BUD10

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The 11" Standing Laughing Buddha Statue. Of the many styles and designs of "Happy Buddha", "Laughing Buddha", and "Lucky Buddha" statues, this is one of the most opulent, outstanding versions. Sometimes this motif is called the "Dancing Buddha". Hotei is standing, hands above his head, lucky pearl in one hand, ingot of prosperity in the other. Cast from heavy hard resin and hand finished, these are beautiful works of art. The face is aglow with joy; the robe is wonderfully articulated and decorated; the bag of plenty looks full and the knot is tight. The magical power of this statue lies in the quality of the design. However, in pinch, it's never a bad idea to rub his belly.


  • Stunning two tone finish statue of the "Lucky Buddha"
  • Top quality, highly detailed, cast resin figure
  • Holding the Lucky Pearl and the Prosperity ingot
  • Standing on his endlessly full, never empty bag of plenty
  • A simple, elegant, and beautiful gift idea, for her or him
  • From a series of 10 distinctive sizes, shapes, and finishes
  • Dimensions: 4.50"W x 4.50"D x 11.50"H