13" Chinese Tang Tomb Horse Statue by East-West Furnishings

MZ-333060   STA-HORSE
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The 13" Chinese Tang Tomb Horse Statue. This beautifully crafted version of a classic Chinese Tang horse is a reproduction of a ceramic Tang dynasty era reliquary statue recovered from an archeological dig in Xian, China. Horses had huge practical importance and symbolic importance in ancient China, associated with both the imperial house and the aristocracy, second only to the Dragon in significance. Cast from heavy black resin in distinctive, authentic detail, a classically proportioned, powerful stallion, fitted with the simple Tang dynasty era saddle without bridle or bit. The finish is a dark, beautiful burgundy, finished in a lovely, faux antiqued sand patina. The horse has been revered from ancient times wherever they are found, for their great strength, their remarkable intelligence and spirit, and their extraordinary beauty. Tang dynasty China was an equestrian culture. The ceramic horse statues Tang imperial artists crafted are considered by Asian art historians to be among the most beautiful representations of these noble creatures ever produced. We believe this Tang horse statue is a particularly lovely design, following the ancient traditions of proportion and finish of the times. This statue placed in a living room, study, or office can provide a unique Asian art accent, as well as an element of noble spirit these creatures embody.


  • Stunning, classically proportioned, powerful Tang dynasty style stallion statue
  • Beautifully cast, heavy black resin reproduction of a Xian Tomb reliquary figure
  • Authentically detailed casting, with period accurate saddle and clipped tail
  • Finished in a remarkable, deep burgundy color, with lovely antiqued sand patina
  • Distinctive Asian decorative accent and unique home decor gift idea
  • Dimensions: 12.00"W x 4.00"D x 13.00"H