17" Thai Sitting Zenjo Buddha Statue / Rust Patina by East-West Furnishings

MZ-333047   STA-BUD35
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The 17" Thai Sitting Zenjo Buddha Statue / Rust Patina. At almost a foot and a half tall, this delicate work of authentic Asian art imparts beauty and harmony. The Buddha is seated in the traditional lotus posture, face absorbed in contemplation, with a flaming "usnisa" top knot and third eye "bhindi" centered between down cast eyes. His folded robe is carefully centered under the extended fingers of the Buddha's hands in classic meditation mudra.


  • Large Buddha statue in Thai style
  • Heavy resin casting
  • Finished in faux rust oxidized iron patina
  • Note we offer a wide selection of display stands
  • Dimensions: 12.50"W x 7.00"D x 17.00"H