2" Cotton Rounds / 80 Count by Dukal

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Enhance Treatments with Dukal Reflections 2" Cotton Rounds. Discover the versatility and reliability of Dukal Reflections Cotton Rounds, an essential addition to any professional beauty or skincare setting. These 2" cotton rounds, available in an 80 count pack, are perfectly designed to cater to a range of facial and skincare procedures, whether used wet or dry.

They embody the blend of simplicity and effectiveness, crucial for any treatment that demands quality and gentleness.

Perfect For A Variety Of Skincare Applications

Dukal Reflections Cotton Rounds are highly versatile, making them ideal for a broad spectrum of skincare treatments. Whether its for applying toners, removing makeup, or assisting in facial treatments, these cotton rounds are designed to perform efficiently in any scenario.

Optimal Absorbency And Texture

Each cotton round is crafted to provide the perfect balance of absorbency and softness. This ensures that they are gentle on the skin while being effective in product application or removal, enhancing the comfort and effectiveness of your skincare routines.

Convenient And Hygienic For Professional Use

Coming in a pack of 80, these cotton rounds are not only convenient but also promote a hygienic practice in professional settings. Their disposable nature ensures that each treatment is conducted with a fresh, clean pad, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

Essential For Everyday Beauty Routines

Whether for personal use or in a professional setting, Dukal Reflections Cotton Rounds are an indispensable tool. Their size and gentle nature make them suitable for all skin types and an array of procedures, ensuring they're a go-to for daily beauty routines.

Quality You Can Trust

Trust in the quality and reliability of Dukal Reflections for your skincare needs. These cotton rounds are a testament to the brands commitment to providing high-quality, effective products for beauty professionals and enthusiasts alike.