20" Rustic Jeweled Elephant Statue by East-West Furnishings

MZ-333010   STA-ELEPH2
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The 20" Rustic Jeweled Elephant Statue. A noble elephant stands at attention, bedecked in finely woven silks. Strong and imposing, yet possessing noble dignity, the elephant is truly one of natures most beautiful and beloved animals. Whether in the court of kings or the circuses of the public, the elephant has fascinated untold multitudes throughout history in both the East and the West. This finely carved statue suggests a royal elephant from a kings menagerie. Finely carved to show every wrinkle and fold of its skin, each tassel and ornament on its dress, this resin statue will make a bold statement in your home.


  • Beautiful elephant statue in heavy resin
  • Robust size - over a foot tall, nearly two feet long!
  • Masterfully carved details
  • Inlaid crystal on cape
  • Dimensions: 9.25"W x 20.25"D x 13.25"H