3D Beauty C2 Lash Sealer / 5 mL.

3D Beauty
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The 3D Beauty C2 Lash Sealer / 5 mL. C2 Sealer helps the adhesive bond that attaches the lash extension to the clients eye lashes last longer as it provides a "teflon type" coating to the lashes which in turn repels dirt, makeup and excess oils.

For professional use Only. Use 10 minutes after lash procedure. Dip disposable brush into C2 Sealer, wipe excess sealer to avoid dripping. Coat entire lash generously from base of real lash to tip of lash extension. Allow to dry for 2 minutes and then repeat once more. Allow 10 hours for sealer to dry completely.

Available in 5 mL. and 10 mL.