6 ft. Tall Tainan Privacy Screen / 3 Panels by East-West Furnishings

MZ-333211   SSTAINA
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The 6 ft. Tall Tainan Privacy Screen / 3 Panels. This divider alternates hand-woven rattan blocks with rich squares of mahogany to create a sophisticated contrast of materials. Use it to gracefully divide a space, or to accentuate your home decor with a cosmopolitan accent that combines the East with the West, and the contemporary with the traditional.


  • Fine wood construction with handsome finish
  • Hand-woven rattan alternates with mahogany
  • Scandinavian spruce frame
  • Adjustable panels fold in both directions


  • Measures 72"H x 1.5"D x 18"W (each panel)
  • Sizes: Available in 3 panels only