8" Diameter Barber Pole by William Marvy Company

VO-302971   MV-88
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The 8" Diameter Barber Pole. For the Barber who appreciates the value of the symbol which has represented their profession for centuries. The Marvy family of Barber Poles offers a wide range of models to fit your shops budget and space. All Marvy Barber Poles incorporate multi-faceted reflector backs, are weatherproof; and made of the finest materials; with maintenance free motors. Marvy Barber Poles are built to last a lifetime.

The first Marvy Barber Pole incorporating an 8" glass cylinder. Marvy barber poles attract more customers and increase business. All Marvy poles carry a one year unconditional warranty.

Height: 33"
Width: 10.5"
Length of Glass: 20"
Projection (from wall): 12.5"