Accu-Lite® 6.85" Rectangle LED Magnifier - 3.5 Diopter (1.88x) - Black Finish by O.C. White

O.C. White
MG-289117   ALREC-45-B
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Accu-Lite® 6.85" Rectangle LED Magnifier - 3.5 Diopter (1.88x) - Black Finish. Redefining Value for Precision Inspection. The Accu-Lite® LED magnifier is in a class by itself. A touch sensitive on/off switch adjusts brightness. Hidden springs and a 360° swivel lamp head allow you to fine-tune the magnifiers positioning for inspection at any angle. With its built-in protective cover, optical grade glass lens, and an ESD protective coating (black models only), the Accu-Lite® LED magnifier offers uncompromising value for clean rooms and anywhere else precision inspection is required.

Our customers agree: its the perfect inspection tool for many different types of industries, including electronics, engineering, medical, dental, aerospace, and health and beauty.

Accu-Lite® 6.85" Rectangle Led Magnifier Features:

  • 3.5 diopter (1.88x)
  • ESD coating
  • Specialized touch membrane switch controls power and LED dimming
  • 5000k color temperature
  • All models include lens shield standard
  • White optical quality glass ensures fatigue-free performance; table edge clamp
  • 45" reach with hidden internal springs for cleanroom wipedown
  • 120v
  • Black finish