Acne Spark Glass Accessory

VW-126580   271 0072
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Acne Spark Glass Accessory. Be free to change or replace any of the parts to your Classic 8-Function Machine with ease. All of the accessories, glasses and brushes you will need to create the perfect skin care with you highly advanced machine.

8-Function Machine Replacement Parts:

  • Large Mushroom Accessory
  • Acne Spark Glass Accessory
  • Spoon Glass Accessory
  • Cylinder Glass Accessory
  • Pumice Brush
  • Sponge Brush
  • Large Goat Hair Brush
  • Plaster Brush|
  • Small Goat Hair Brush
  • Wrinkle Cupping Glass, Round
  • Blackhead Cupping Glass, Curved

    Each accessory sold separate.