Adriaan UV Skin Analysis Scanner by HANS Equipment

KV-972177   DON-FCAPP-3019
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Adriaan UV Skin Analysis Scanner. The Adriaan Skin Scanner uses black light and magnification to show variety of skin imperfections that are undetectable with the naked eye. Your client can simultaneously view what the technician sees. It can help sell your esthetic products and services by revealing skin conditions to the client. Use before and after microdermabrasion to evaluate results.

  • Advanced Black-Light lamp technology to help identify various skin conditions, safe for skin and eyes
  • The problematic areas of the skin are illuminated as different colors by the long-wave ultraviolet light of this skin scanner
  • No requirement of a Dark Room to use this Skin Scanner
  • 2X magnifying glass for complete illumination and observation of the face
  • Voltage :110 Volts , Power: 55 Watts