Advanced Myofascial Release DVD By Sean Riehl

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Advanced Myofascial Release DVD By Sean Riehl. Advanced Myofascial Release DVD

A continuation of Beginning Myofascial Release, this video explores advanced Myofascial Release techniques to balance each area of the body. This video will show you how to evaluate postural distortions, and use Myofascial Release to bring the body into balance. Also learn to use other techniques such as the Rebound technique, Cross fiber frictioning, forearm strokes, and Muscle Energy Technique in the context of a Myofascial treatment.

    Specific Content:
  • Postural analysis from the front
  • Postural analysis from the side
  • Releasing the rib cage
  • Balancing the feet
  • Leveling the hips
  • Freeing the back
  • Releasing the shoulder
  • Loosening the neck
  • Freeing the jaw
  • Loosening the scalp