Advanced Styling Tool Kit / 33 Pieces by Scalpmaster

VO-302707   SC-KIT2
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Advanced Styling Tool Kit / 33 Pieces. Transform your styling game with our Advanced Styling Tool Kit, designed with 33 high-quality pieces to elevate your craft. Whether you're a student or a professional, this versatile kit has everything you need to create the perfect hairstyle for your clients. From sturdy deluxe backpacks with multiple pockets to 10 professional combs of varying sizes and shapes, each tool in this kit has been carefully chosen to meet the needs of discerning beauty industry professionals.

Our 10 professional brushes include 1-3/4" to 2-3/4" boar bristle round brushes, an anti-static 13 row rectangular cushion paddle brush, and more. Plus, with butterfly clamps and a rubber base styling brush included, you'll have everything you need to create flawless looks with ease.

This Advanced Styling Tool Kit is not just affordable but also provides incredible value for its price, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to take their styling skills to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to up your game and impress your clients with your flawless styling skills.


  • Sturdy Deluxe Backpack with 5 Pockets
  • 10 Professional Combs:
    1. 7" Nano Ionic Styling Comb
    2. 7" Nano Ionic Cutting Comb
    3. 8-1/2" Nano Ionic Cutting Comb
    4. 7-1/2" Nano Ionic Cutting Comb with Sectioning Teeth
    5. 7" Nano Ionic Tapered Barber Comb
    6. 7" Nano Ionic Flat Back Tapered Barber Comb
    7. 8" Nano Ionic Rat Tail Comb
    8. 9-1/4" Nano Ionic Pin Tail Comb
    9. 7-1/2" Nano Ionic Dual Purpose Comb
    10. 8" Nano Ionic Rake Comb
  • 10 Professional Brushes
    1. 1-3/4" Boar Bristle Round Brush
    2. 2" Boar Bristle Round Brush
    3. 2-1/4" Boar Bristle Round Brush
    4. 2-1/2" Boar Bristle Round Brush
    5. 2-3/4" Boar Bristle Round Brush
    6. 2-1/2" Boar Bristle Oval Brush
    7. 2-3/4" Boar/Nylon Bristle Oval Brush
    8. 9 Row Rubber Base Styling Brush
    9. 10 Row Oval Cushion Brush
    10. Anti-Static 13 Row Rectangular Cushion Paddle Brush
  • 1 Dozen Large Butterfly Clamps