Aloe Green Strip Wax - Strip Wax - Super Soft Organic / Roll On Cartridge 3.38oz. by Mancine Professional

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Aloe Green Strip Wax - Strip Wax - Super Soft Organic / Roll On Cartridge 3.38oz. An odorless, hygienic wax made from all-natural ingredients and ultra refined resins. Chlorophyll enriched to remove the hair shaft and bulb, whilst promoting deep cellular regeneration. Spreads easily and is extremely economical.

Roll on wax means no drips and no mess! Perfect for busy salons with a penchant for sanitary wax options...simply use and discard - no risk of double-dipping!

Super Soft Organic Strip Wax


  1. Place in wax heater, melt completely and allow to cool to a working temperature.
  2. Cleanse and disinfect with Mancine Prewax Lotion, then apply a light film of Mancine Prewax
  3. Use by rolling wax on skin, wax shoud be the consistency of honey ie 50C / 122F
  4. Before use, always patch test on the inside wrist for a comfortable working temperature.
  5. Apply wax to skin in tne direction of the hair growth and remove against the direction of the hair growth.
  6. After waxing apply Mancine Soothing Lotion or a Mancine After Waxing Oil.


Blended Pine Tree Resins, Vegetable Oils, Apricot Oil, (Pharmaceutical Grade), Aloe Vera, Solvent Blue 36, Solvent Yellow 93.

  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Made in Australia
This Product is only for professional salon/spa use, discontinue use irritation occurs. Patch test before use. We recommend using protective gloves when handling hot container. Do not apply over warts, moles, broken or irritated skin.

Exceeding recommended temperature for application may cause burns/injury.

Roll-On Wax Warmers: