Alpha Fuzion Multi-Sensory Dry Heat Sauna Capsule by Sybaritic

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Alpha Fuzion Multi-Sensory Dry Heat Sauna Capsule. he Alpha Fuzion Multi-Sensory Sauna Body Pod provides a wide range of profitable body services for your clients. This ultimate body pod spa system is a self-contained, dry heat sauna body pod, ideal for body wraps, muds, gels or other spa, wellness, relaxation, fitness or beauty body services. In addition to the body services that can be delivered, facial services can be performed at the same time, significantly increasing the revenue per client. The overall experience is dramatic and provides an amazing catalyst for new and repeat business.

The Alpha Fuzion Sauna Body Pod incorporates powerful features that automatically perform pre-set programs. These program features include convection and conduction dry sauna heat adjustable up to 180 degrees, dual-motorized independent vibratory back massage units, soft contour soothing back heat system, stain resistant bed and head cushions, natural essential aromas diffusion throughout the capsule, built-in stereo/CD system with speakers and headphones, cooling facial air fans for maximized long session times and comfort to keep the client's face cooled, and ten (10) pre-set programs with one additional custom program. The Alpha Fuzion Multi-Sensory Body Pod has been carefully engineered to be user-friendly. The system's operation is easily navigated by the intelligent touch-pad control panel. Each pre-set program feature can be modified with the touch of a button by you, your staff or your clients.

Sybaritic is the world's first innovator and original inventor of the body pod spa capsule industry, with over 35,000 capsule and sauna pod systems installed in some of the most famous and well-known facilities worldwide. The 21st Century Alpha Fuzion Multi-Sensory Pod has been designed with self-automated programs to accelerate new profitable, revenue-yielding services.

Features And Benefits:

  • Whole body vibratory massage
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Relaxation, meditation and stress reduction
  • Enhanced absorption of topical products
  • Detoxification (promotes comfortable perspiration to deeply cleanse and eliminate toxins)


    • Capsule color: Soft White
    • Dry Heat Systems: Precise Multi-Port Dry Heat Adjustable from ambient up to 180F
    • Vibration Massage: Dual Motor Adjustable Wave Vibration
    • Facial Air System: Dual Adjustable Cooling Fans
    • Aroma System: Four Aroma Diffusers
    • Music: iPOD and Mp3 System Compatible
    • Heated Ergonomic Bed: Built in Heat Pad with ergonomic body contour and soft cushion Pillow
    • Height Closed: 39" / 99cm
    • Height Open: 89" / 226cm
    • Length: 89" / 226cm
    • Weight: 260lbs / 118kg
    • Widest Point: 35" / 89cm
    • Narrow Point: 22" / 56cm
    • Capsule: Professional, Commercial Grade, USA Fiberglass ChAmber with Clear Superior Resistant Gel
    • Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
    • Amperage: 15 AMP
    • Made in USA