Amber Pro 1 Table with 2 Drops

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Amber Pro 1 Table with 2 Drops. Eurotech Amber Motion-Flex table with Two Drops

The Amber Motion-Flex is an electric flexion table that offers superior quality, excellent features, and the most affordable price tag on the market today. You may look harder, but you won't find one better.

Standard Features:

  • Variable electric flexion speed
  • Deep flexion stroke
  • Safety stop key
  • C.B.R.F.*
  • Choice of premium upholstery colors
  • Adjustable ankle extension with elevation
  • Front lateral flexion
  • Adjustable face cushions
  • Indicator light
  • Traction handlebars
  • Quick release ankle strap
  • Extension capabilities via ankle rest

*C.B.R.F. is a fabulous, counter balanced rotational upgrade that makes the flexion-extension of the table smoother, quieter, and nearly maintenance free. C.B.R.F. actually takes into account the weight and size of the patient, and adjusts these load parameters accordingly to the drive system.

Options - call for pricing
  • Cervical, thoracic, lumbar or pelvic drops
  • Pro 1 Package - Std. table with your choice of two drops
  • Eurosnap covers
  • Elevation