Amenity Jar-Clear Plastic with Lid 5g / 25 Pack

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Professional Grade Amenity Jar for Creams and Lotions.

If you're looking for the perfect plastic jar to hold and display your clients' favorite creams and lotions, look no further. This Amenity Jar is designed with professional use in mind, ensuring that your clients receive the best possible experience.


  • Each jar contains 5 grams (.176 oz) of product, making it easy to portion out the perfect amount for each client.
  • The clear lid allows your clients to easily see the product inside, helping them to select the right option for their needs.
  • Each pack contains 25 jars, ensuring that you have plenty of stock on hand.
  • The base/square of the jar measures 1 and 1/8" square, providing ample space for creams and lotions.
  • The side square, designed for labels, measures 1/2" square, making it easy to clearly label each jar.
  • The height of the jar with lid is 13/16", providing a compact and convenient size for storage and travel.
  • The top/round of the jar measures 1 and 1/8" in diameter, providing easy access to the product inside.


  • Convenient and easy-to-use packaging allows you to provide a professional and seamless experience for your clients.
  • The clear lid allows clients to easily view and select the product they need.
  • Each jar contains the perfect amount of product, reducing waste and ensuring that you get the most out of each container.
  • The compact size of the jar makes it easy to store and travel with, providing versatility in your use.
  • The side square designed for labels makes it easy to keep your products organized and clearly labeled.

For Whom It Is Designed

This Amenity Jar is designed for professionals who want to provide the best possible experience for their clients. It is ideal for use in spas, salons, massage therapists, doctor's offices, waxing technicians, and nail technicians. The clear lid and ample space for labeling make it easy to customize and tailor the jar to your specific needs and preferences.

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