Andis PM-2 Blade

VO-223923   A23435
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Andis PM-2 Blade. Looking for a replacement blade for your Andis Pivot Motor Clippers? Look no further than the Andis PM-2 Blade. This high-quality replacement blade is designed specifically to fit Andis Beaute Pro #20015, SpeedMaster #23420, Beaute Master #23465, and ColorWaves #23695 clippers.

Crafted from durable stainless steel, this blade set is adjustable from size 000 to 1, giving you the flexibility to achieve the perfect cut every time. Whether you're trimming hair or grooming a beard, the Andis PM-2 Blade is the ideal choice for any professional looking for a reliable and effective tool.

With its precision engineering and top-quality materials, the Andis PM-2 Blade is built to last. So why settle for second best? Invest in the best-in-class replacement blade today and experience the difference for yourself.


  • Regular teeth.
  • Celcon Chemical/Heat Resistant Material.