Ardell Deluxe Pack Kit Wispies

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Ardell Deluxe Pack Kit Wispies. Always on the go? Ardell Deluxe Pack Kit Wispies Black has everything you need for lush eye-catching lashes in a flash! Ardell Wispies lashes are hand-crafted criss-cross style black eyelashes providing ultra glam to your natural eyelashes on your next makeup look. These best selling lashes are now available in a Deluxe Pack. Each Pack kit contains 2 pairs of Ardell Natural Wispies lashes, DUO adhesive, and lash applicator!


  • Reusable
  • Style: Glamour - Night
  • Easy to apply and remove
Ardell Natural Wispies Lashes is a glam style criss-cross pattern false lashes that provide an elegant compliment to any glamorous makeup for thicker, more voluminous eyelashes. They are lush and feathery so all you need to do is bat your lashes and send all eyes towards you.