Ardell Thick FX Hair Building Fiber - White / 0.42 oz.

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Ardell Thick FX Hair Building Fiber - White / 0.42 oz. Instantly get thicker, fuller-looking hair with Ardell's Thick FX hair building fibers. This easy-to-use hair loss concealer covers thinning areas on the scalp and thickens existing hair. Simply shake directly onto thinning areas for an undetectable, natural-looking full appearance in an instant.



  • Static electric charge causes the protein fibers to blend with existing hair so it is durable and undetectable under all conditions, making it appear thicker
  • The fibers are wind, rain and perspiration resistant, yet easy to remove with shampoo
  • Can be used to hide sparse areas or balding spots, to touch up root color or to blend hair extensions
  • Two or more colors can be blended to create a perfect match i.e. black/white for salt and pepper hair and white/blonde for platinum blonde hair
  • Fibers work with all hair types and ethnicities for both women and men
  • Great for Salon Retail!


For men and women. Dry and style hair as usual. Shake fibers onto thinning areas. Gently pat hair to set Thick FX fibers in place. For best and longest-lasting results, finish with Thick FX - Fiber Locking Non-Aerosol Spray.