Arnica Carrier Oil - 150ml

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Experience the Soothing Power of Ess Arnica Carrier Oil - 150ml.

Discover the ancient secret to soothing sore muscles and reducing swelling with Ess Arnica Carrier Oil. Used in homoeopathic medicine for centuries, arnica has been trusted by athletes and massage therapists alike to provide relief and promote healing. Now, you can harness the natural benefits of arnica combined with the moisturizing properties of olive oil in a convenient 150ml bottle.


Ess Arnica Carrier Oil offers a range of benefits that will leave your clients feeling rejuvenated and restored:

  • Promotes muscle recovery: Whether your clients are athletes or individuals seeking relief from everyday muscle tension, arnica has been renowned for its ability to reduce soreness and aid in post-workout recovery.
  • Reduces swelling: Arnica's anti-inflammatory properties can help alleviate swelling and discomfort caused by bruises, sprains, or other injuries, providing comfort and promoting faster healing.
  • Soothes and moisturizes: Infused with olive oil, this carrier oil delivers soothing and moisturizing effects, leaving the skin feeling nourished and hydrated.
  • Natural and holistic: With Ess Arnica Carrier Oil, your clients can experience the power of nature without any harsh chemicals or additives. It's a natural solution to address their specific needs.


Massage therapists, athletes, and individuals experiencing muscle soreness or swelling can benefit from the versatile uses of Ess Arnica Carrier Oil:

  • Massage therapy: Incorporate this oil into your massage sessions to provide a soothing and revitalizing experience for your clients. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help relax muscles, reduce tension, and relieve discomfort.
  • Post-workout recovery: After intense physical activity, apply Ess Arnica Carrier Oil to targeted areas to accelerate muscle recovery and alleviate post-exercise soreness.
  • Injury relief: Whether it's a minor bruise, sprain, or strain, gently massage this oil onto the affected area to reduce swelling, ease pain, and support the healing process.
  • Self-care routine: Encourage your clients to incorporate Ess Arnica Carrier Oil into their daily self-care routine. Its moisturizing properties can help nourish the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and rejuvenated.


Ess Arnica Carrier Oil contains one simple and effective ingredient:

  • Arnica macerated in olive oil: This powerful combination harnesses the natural healing properties of arnica and the moisturizing benefits of olive oil to provide optimal relief and hydration.

Experience the harmonious blend of arnica and olive oil with Ess Arnica Carrier Oil - a must-have for any professional seeking effective and reliable products to enhance their clients' well-being.