ATZEN® BALANCE™ - Age Reverse Safely™ - Gentle Exfoliating Scrub / 1.7 oz

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Reveal Radiant Skin with BALANCE Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. Presenting BALANCE Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, the perfect addition to your spa or salon's skincare offerings. Designed for sensitive or allergic skin, this scrub uses natural, eco-friendly beads to gently remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores, setting the stage for flawless makeup application or beautiful bare skin.

Indulge your clients in this luxurious scrub that promises silky smooth, refined texture for over 14 hours, enhancing their natural beauty.

Key Advantages for Your Clients

  • Gentle exfoliation with eco-friendly beads for sensitive skin
  • Deep cleansing of pores for a smoother skin texture
  • Enhances makeup application and longevity
  • Leaves skin feeling silky and smooth for 14+ hours

Why Choose BALANCE Gentle Exfoliating Scrub?

  • Specially formulated for sensitive/allergic skin types
  • 50 ml/1.7 fl.oz. of natural, clean, and effective skincare
  • Superior to Organic® ingredients for unmatched skin health benefits
  • Trusted by professionals and Leaping Bunny Certified

Upgrade Your Skincare Lineup

Adding BALANCE Gentle Exfoliating Scrub to your product range demonstrates your commitment to high-quality, effective skincare solutions. Empower your clients to achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin with this premier scrub.