ATZEN® RENEW™ - Exfoliate and Brighten™ - Advanced Pigmentation Bundle / Retail Starter Bundle

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ATZEN® RENEW™ - Advanced Pigmentation Bundle Retail Starter Bundle. Unlock the secret to radiant, clear skin with the ATZEN® RENEW™ Advanced Pigmentation Bundle. Specifically curated for professionals in the spa and salon industry, this bundle addresses the unique challenges of sun-damaged and congested skin, providing a comprehensive solution for both in-salon use and retail opportunities.

Experience the transformative power of glycolic acid and natural brightening agents with products designed to smooth, refine, and lighten the complexion, ensuring lasting results and client satisfaction.

Bundle Highlights

Each component of the ATZEN® RENEW™ Advanced Pigmentation Bundle is crafted to target specific aspects of pigmentation and skin texture:

  • (3) RENEW Glyco 5 1 oz: A luxurious daily-light peel and moisturizer combo that uses 5% glycolic acid alongside soothing botanicals to even skin tone and enhance complexion.
  • (3) RENEW Glyco 10 1 oz: Our most intensive glycolic formula, offering both exfoliation and deep hydration with 10% glycolic acid, tailored for daily use to achieve perfect skin texture.
  • (3) RENEW Skin Lightening Cream 1 oz: Formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients, this cream targets hyperpigmentation, reducing discoloration and promoting a luminous, even-toned skin.

Why Choose the ATZEN® RENEW™ Bundle?

This advanced pigmentation bundle is your ally in delivering exceptional care for clients facing the challenges of sun damage and pigmentation. The synergistic effects of the RENEW Glyco 5, Glyco 10, and Skin Lightening Cream provide a multi-faceted approach to skin health, offering:

  • Effective exfoliation and hydration, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion.
  • Powerful brightening effects that reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brown spots.
  • Gentle formulas suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring a broad appeal to your client base.
  • High-quality, professional-grade products that strengthen your salon's reputation and retail offerings.

Enhance Your Professional Offerings

Integrating the ATZEN® RENEW™ Advanced Pigmentation Bundle into your service and product lineup not only elevates your treatment capabilities but also expands your retail offerings. By providing effective, reliable solutions for sun-damaged and congested skin, you empower your clients with the confidence of a brighter, more even complexion.