Barbicide Spray - Hard Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant - Bullets + Spray Bottle

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Barbicide Spray - Hard Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant - Bullets + Blank Spray Bottle. Because all of the surfaces you want to be disinfected dont fit in a jar, we created BARBICIDE Spray! Sold as a sprayer bottle with 6 (2oz) refills, this is the most economical way to achieve superior disinfection in the salon, spa and barbershop.

IMPORTANT: The bottle that is included does NOT have Barbicide Labeling on it - the bottle is BLANK!


  • EPA Approved for COVID-19
  • Package of six 2-ounce bottles of Barbicide concentrateJust add one 2-ounce bullet and fill bottle with water
  • Pre-measured for accuracy
  • The famous U.S. EPA-registered hospital-grade broad-spectrum disinfectant formula
  • Includes comprehensive EPA labeling to meet the requirements of all 50 states
  • Will not stain skin or surfaces
  • Safe for acrylic tanning beds, stainless steel, plastics, shears, just about any salon tool or surface
  • Disinfect and touch-up any time! Just spray and wipe!
  • Includes FREE empty spray bottle! Spray Bottle Capacity: 32 Fl. Oz. (1 Qt.) (946 mL)
BARBICIDE has received documentation from the EPA that BARBICIDE is approved for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19. While no company has been able to receive actual COVID-19 samples and put them through the rigorous testing required, the EPA considers efficacy against Human Coronavirus to include COVID-19. See EPA approval document here.

BARBICIDE Certification:
Why not show your clients your dedication to infection control in your salon, spa, or barbershop with a certificate from the FREE BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification Course. After you pass the course, you will have the option to instantly print your portfolio-ready certificate with your name on it. Good luck!