Blue/Black Cream Tint #2 / 0.5 oz. by Berrywell

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Blue/Black Cream Tint / 0.5 oz. by Berrywell. Berrywell hair dye from Germany is the leading European seller. More intense than Refectocil, Berrywell dye creates luscious eyelashes and eyebrows safely and effectively. Each .5 oz tube is enough for 50+ applications. Blue/Black Cream Tint

It gives the certain ‘something extra' for color depth. The hair has a blue sheen in addition to the black color.

Berrywell® no. 2 Blue-Black is the perfect choice for certain facial types. It harmonizes with eye make-up in blue shades. The color accents brown and black eyelashes and eyebrows. Light natural shades are permanently and reliably colored.