Body Drench Mask Society Sheet Masks - Chill Out / 24 Pack

Body Drench
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Body Drench Mask Society Sheet Masks - Chill Out / 24 Pack. Body Drench's newest line of sheet masks, the Mask Society Collection, fuses bright holographic packaging with on-trend names aimed at beauty's most sought after customer, the millennial. Made in Korea, these highly nourishing and soothing spunlace facial sheet masks are targeted specifically for certain skincare concerns like dehydrated, irritated, dull, and dry skin. these products have captivated the mainstream and achieved cult-like status for skin care that focuses on glowing, luminous skin. Body Drench's Mask Society sheet masks tap into this demand, and allow you to stock these products in your salon at a comfortable price point for your clients, with a salon retail value of $96.00 ($4.00 each) for the displays.

Body Drench Mask Society Chill Out, 24 Pack


  • Easy to apply
  • Infused with skin calming Hemp Oil
  • Calms and smoothes irriated skin
  • Great for Salon Retail
Body Drench is one of the most popular brands in the professional market and is distributed worldwide in over 40 countries. They believe that beauty starts with healthy skin and their commitment is to continue to produce nourishing products that will improve the way skin looks and feels.The Mask Society Collection is perfectly designed salon retail that captures trending client needs, eye-catching displays and quality skin care products to hydrate and protect.

Available Masks:

    Infused with electrolytes to revive your skin and promote healing after taking it too far the night before
    Infused with hemp to calm and soothe irritated skin that needs to learn to chill out.
    Infused with caffeine to help keep your skin from looking tired, even if you are.
    Infused with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin looking and feeling young while you enjoy your late night lifestyle.