Champagne Hot Wax - Stripless - Premium Hard Wax for Sensitive Areas / 500 g. / 1.1 lbs. by Mancine Professional

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Champagne Hot Wax - Stripless - Premium Hard Wax for Sensitive Areas / 500 g. / 1.1 lbs. An all-weather stripless wax (also called hot wax and hard wax) which can be used under any atmospheric conditions. Excellent for removing fair, blonde hairs that are often difficult to deal with. Champagne Hot Wax is pink in colour and offers a superior grip for removal of fine, short, difficult hairs. Removes hair as short as 1mm! Exceptionally gentle and effective, Mancine Hot Waxes are renowned for their low melting point, high elasticity and pliability. They save time, are easy to apply and amazingly, remove more hair with each application. Mancine Hot Waxes are formulated to make waxing as painless as possible. They remove the shortest of hairs, leaving the skin perfectly clean and silky smooth. Mancine Hot Waxes are applied at half the thickness of other hot waxes so you get more applications per kilogram. Even your most pedantic clients will love our range of waxes.

Premium Stripless Wax for Sensitive Areas


  1. Place in wax heater, melt completely and allow it to cool to a working temperature.
  2. Cleanse and disinfect with Mancine Prewax Lotion, then apply Mancine Prewax Oil.
  3. Use by dipping applicator into wax which should be the consistency of honey ie 50°C / 122°F
  4. Before use, patch test on the inside of your wrist for a comfortable working temperature.
  5. Apply to skin in small circular motions and remove against the direction of hair growth.
  6. After waxing apply Mancine Soothing Lotion or a Mancine After Waxing Oil.


Bees Wax, Microcyrstaline, Natural and Modified Pine Rosin.

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  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Made in Australia
This Product is only for professional salon/spa use, discontinue use irritation occurs. Patch test before use. We recommend using protective gloves when handling hot container. Do not apply over warts, moles, broken or irritated skin.

Exceeding recommended temperature for application may cause burns/injury.