Champion - Carbon Pin Tail Comb - 9"

VO-305508   CC14
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Revolutionize Your Styling Routine with the Carbon Pin Tail Comb by Champion. Are you tired of struggling with unruly hair during your styling sessions? Look no further than the Carbon Pin Tail Comb by Champion. This innovative comb is designed to streamline your styling process, giving you the precision and control you need to create flawless looks every time.


  • Coarse teeth for effective teasing and backcombing
  • Long metal tail for easy sectioning and folding of foils
  • Heat-resistant material for use with hot styling tools
  • Durable and lightweight carbon construction
  • Static-free for smooth styling
  • Generous 9" length for comfortable handling


  • Effortlessly tease and add volume to hair with coarse teeth that gently grip and detangle
  • Easily section and style hair with the long metal tail, perfect for creating precise parts and sections
  • Save time and energy with a heat-resistant comb that can be used with any hot styling tool
  • Experience durability and reliability with the carbon construction, ensuring your comb withstands the demands of professional use
  • Enjoy smooth, static-free styling for a polished finish

Don't let styling frustrations hold you back. Upgrade to the Carbon Pin Tail Comb by Champion and discover a new level of precision and control in your styling routine.


  • Brand: Champion
  • Length: 9"
  • Material: Carbon