Champion - Carbon Rat Tail Clip Comb

VO-305512   CC19
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Elevate Your Styling Game with the Carbon Rat Tail Clip Comb. Are you tired of struggling with flimsy combs that just can't keep up with your styling needs? Say hello to your new styling essential: the Carbon Rat Tail Clip Comb by Champion. This versatile tool isn't just another comb; it's a game-changer for professionals like you who demand precision, stability, and quality in every styling session.

Unparalleled Balance and Stability

  • Experience unmatched balance and stability during straightening, teasing, and cutting sessions.
  • The innovative clip design ensures secure attachment to hair, providing a steady platform for precise styling techniques.

Multi-Functional Design

  • Featuring coarse multi-length teeth, this comb effortlessly tackles any hair texture, from fine to thick.
  • Use it with flat irons for flawlessly straightened locks, thanks to its ability to distribute heat evenly and maintain stability.
  • Perfect for teasing and backcombing, offering just the right amount of resistance for achieving maximum volume and texture.
  • Effortlessly isolate and stabilize hair sections for precise trimming of bangs, layers, and split ends.

Comfort and Control

  • Designed with a non-slip thumb grip for ultimate control and comfort during extended styling sessions.
  • The long, thin tail allows for effortless parting and sectioning, ensuring every strand is perfectly positioned.

Don't settle for subpar tools that hinder your creativity and precision. Upgrade to the Carbon Rat Tail Clip Comb by Champion and experience the difference in your styling results. Elevate your craft and impress your clients with every flick of the wrist.