Circus LED Magnifying Lamp / 5 Diopter by Equipro

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Revolutionize Your Craft with the Circus LED Magnifying Lamp / 5 Diopter by Equipro. Experience unparalleled precision and clarity with the Circus LED Magnifying Lamp / 5 Diopter, specifically engineered to meet the demanding needs of professionals in the beauty, industrial, manufacturing, and clean-room sectors. This state-of-the-art magnifying lamp offers unbeatable functionality, durability, and hygiene, making it an indispensable addition to your spa or salon.

Illuminate Your Work With Unmatched Accuracy

The Circus LED Magnifying Lamp boasts a cutting-edge circular LED module that virtually eliminates shadows and delivers true-to-life color rendering. With dimmable LED modules adjustable from 10% to 100% intensity, you'll have complete control over the brightness to create the perfect working environment. The instant-start feature ensures you'll never lose time waiting for the lamp to power up.

Experience Superior Magnification With A Large, High-Quality Lens

Featuring a 6.5" optical-quality glass lens, the Circus LED Magnifying Lamp provides a 1.5 times larger viewing area than typical models. The 5-diopter lens (2.25x) offers distortion-free magnification, while the optional 3.5-diopter (1.85x) lens (63603) is also available for added versatility. The large lens size ensures comfortable viewing even for individuals with impaired vision.

Enjoy Unrivaled Flexibility And Movement

The Circus LED Magnifying Lamp is designed with a highly flexible self-balancing arm and shade neck, allowing you to position the lamp head horizontally, vertically, or laterally with ease. The arm extension reaches up to 47", giving you ample range for any task. Built to last, the arm movement has been tested over 140,000 cycles, and the neck movement over 300,000 cycles, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Embrace A Clean, Hygienic Workspace

The fully enclosed neck and spring-balanced arm of the Circus LED Magnifying Lamp to make it the ideal choice for settings that require the utmost cleanliness and sanitation. Constructed with high-impact polymer, a steel arm, and an aluminum head, this lamp is both durable and easy to clean. The shade neck is covered in rubber for added protection and a sleek appearance.

Choose From Multiple Mounting Options

The Circus LED Magnifying Lamp comes with a clamp mount included, offering you a secure and flexible mounting solution. For added convenience, you can also choose from optional add-on mounts such as the Magnifier 4 Caster Rolling Base (64100), Magnifier Wall Bracket (64300), or Magnifier Lamp Bracket for Steamer (64301), ensuring seamless integration into your workspace.

Invest In Quality And Assurance

This remarkable magnifying lamp is UL/CUL Listed and consumes only 22 watts of power, providing energy efficiency without compromising on performance. With a 1-year warranty, you can have complete confidence in your investment.

Take your craft to new heights with the Circus LED Magnifying Lamp / 5 Diopter by Equipro, and experience the difference that cutting-edge technology, superior optics, and unmatched durability can make in your professional endeavors.


  • Circular LED module virtually eliminates shadows and provides color rendering
  • 5-diopter lens (2,25x) - also available in 3.5-diopter (1.85x) lens (63603)
  • 6.5" Lens is 1.5 times larger lens than typical models
  • Optical-quality glass lens provides distortion-free viewing
  • LED modules are dimmable, with 10 - 100% intensity
  • Clamp mount included
  • High-impact polymer
  • Instant start
  • Arm movement tested over 140,000 cycles
  • Neck movement tested over 300,000 cycles
  • Internal spring arm allows the lamp head to be positioned horizontally, vertically, or laterally
  • Arm extension 47"
  • White Finish with Black details
  • Spring-balanced, 19mm square steel tubing
  • Steel arm with aluminum head
  • Shade neck cover in rubber
  • UL/CUL Listed
  • 22 Watts
  • 1-Year Warranty

Optional Add-On Mounts:

  • Magnifer 4 Caster Rolling Base (64100)
  • Magnifer Wall Bracket (64300)
  • Magnifer Lamp Bracket for Steamer (64301)
Optional Add-On Mag Lamp Mounts