Cirépil® Blue Lotion / 33.8 oz

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Cirépil® Blue Lotion / 33.8 oz. Use before all wax services to clean the area without drying the skin. Can also be used after the wax service to clean and disinfect, and it removes wax particles that might remain on the skin. Low alcohol content (9%). Rosewater fragrance gives the skin a pleasant, comfortable feeling.


Cirepil Blue Lotion has excellent cleansing properties due to its low alcohol content (9%), and it leaves the skin with a pleasant, comfortable feeling.


It is recommended to apply Cirepil Blue Lotion before all waxing services to cleanse the skin. Can also be used following the waxing service.


Water, Alcohol Denat, Fragrance, Sodium Methylparaben, Methenamine, Edta Menthol, Fd&C Blue #1