Cirépil® Blue Wax - Stripless Wax / 14 oz

VU-209150   C2496T
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Cirépil® Blue Wax - Stripless Wax / 14 oz. Perfect WaxingKnown for the finest depilatory waxes ever made, Cirepil is unique because its products are user-friendly and client comfortable. The "Original" Cirepil Blue is ideal for normal to oily skin types, for use on face, underarms, neck, bikini ,and Brazilian services. Great encapsulating results on all hair lengths and textures. Heats at a low temperature, but Blue is applied without strips and it contains jojoba oil for client comfort. Apply with disposable wooden applicators. Clean up is simple with any wax pot cleaner. Creamy gel texture. 400g tin

NOTE: Cirepil wax does not fit any of the Amber® warmers or the depilve® Deluxe Warmer (C2467T). It does fit the clean + easy® warmer (C592T) with a little room to spare. It also fits the Double Wax Heater with lids (C681T) but it is a snug fit. However, Cirepil recommends the Melting Pot (C723T) for the proper use of their wax.


  • Ideal for the larger areas of the body.
  • Heats at a low temperature.
  • Contains jojoba oil.


Apply with disposable wooden applicators.