Cirépil® Cristalline Beads / 800 Grams

VU-300949   C2611T
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Cirpil Cristalline Beads / 800 Grams. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, this wax is ideal for very sensitive, normal, and oily skin types. It has great encapsulating results on finer hair textures and all hair lengths. For use on face, underarms, neck, bikini and Brazilian services.


Hypoallergenic fragrance- and rosin-free formula; Perfect for hypersensitive/sensitive skin but can be used on all skin types; Best used with finer hair textures; Ideal for smaller areas of the body, face, underarms, neck, bikini, and Brazilian services


Pour the Cirepil Cristalline beads into an empty 400g tin.