Cirepil Green Non-Woven Pellon Strips - Smooth - 7.75" x 2.75" / 250 Pack

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Cirepil Green Non-Woven Pellon Strips are crafted with quality and sustainability at their core, offering a premium hair removal solution for spas, salons, and beauty professionals. This product boasts high resilience, ensuring flawless hair removal without breakage and no residue left on the skin. It’s designed for smooth, efficient waxing sessions, making it a reliable choice for professionals and their clients.

Benefits and Features:

These strips are not just effective but also environmentally conscious. Made from 100% FSC-certified cellulosic fibers, they have less environmental impact, helping your salon or spa promote a sustainable approach.

  • A non-woven fabric formulation limited to essential ingredients for purity
  • No whitening or bleaching agents used, preserving natural integrity
  • Formaldehyde-free binder, ensuring safety and quality
  • Manufactured from European raw materials for high standards
  • Highly resilient, offering flawless hair removal without breakage
  • Efficiently removes both hair and wax, leaving no trace on the skin

Each strip measures 7.87” x 2.75”, offering ample surface area for effective waxing sessions.