Clairol Basic White 2 / 12 - 1 oz. Packettes

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Clairol Basic White 2 / 12 - 1 oz. Packettes. Looking for ultimate creative control over the lightening process? Look no further than Clairol Basic White 2/12-1 oz. Packettes! This powerful powder lightener offers three choices for off-the-scalp blonding services, so you can achieve your desired level of lift with ease. Choose from Basic White powders, dedusted powder lightener BW2, or ultra-concentrated BW2000 dust-free formula.

But it's not just about control - the Basic White family of lighteners is trusted and preferred by more salon professionals than any other brand. And with its extra-strength formula, you'll get balanced lightening for healthier-looking highlights in a fraction of the time. Plus, the results are predictable, so you can trust that you'll always get the perfect lift for your clients' needs.

If you're a beauty professional looking for a reliable and effective lightener, Clairol Basic White 2/12-1 oz. Packettes are the perfect choice. Don't settle for basic - upgrade to Basic White and elevate your blonding game to the next level.


  • Basic white powder lightener
  • BW2 dedusted powder lightener
  • BW2000 dust free, ultra concentrated