Clairol Basic White 2000 / 12 - 1 oz. Packettes

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Clairol Basic White 2000 / 12 - 1 oz. Packettes. Transform your blonde game with Clairol Basic White 2000! This ultra-concentrated dust-free powder lightener is perfect for off-the-scalp blonding services. With three choices available, including Basic White powder, BW2 dedusted powder, and BW2000 dust-free powder, you have complete creative control over the lightening process. Clairol Basic White 2000 is the go-to for salon professionals, providing balanced and predictable results for healthier-looking highlights. Don't settle for less, upgrade to Clairol Basic White 2000 and see the difference for yourself!


  • Basic white powder lightener
  • BW2 dedusted powder lightener
  • BW2000 dust free, ultra concentrated