Clairol Basic White Lightener Powder / 16 oz. Tub

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Clairol Basic White Lightener Powder / 16 oz. Tub. Clairol Basic White Lightener Powder is the ultimate solution for off-the-scalp blonding services. With three choices for colorists to choose from, this powder provides ultimate creative control over the lightening process. The Basic White Powder Lighteners come in three options: Basic White powder, BW2 dedusted powder lightener, and BW2000 dust-free, ultra-concentrated. Our lightening family is trusted and preferred by more salon professionals because of its exceptional results. Our extra-strength powder lightener is designed to provide balanced lightening for healthier-looking highlights. The results are predictable and quick, ensuring your clients leave your salon feeling and looking their best. With Clairol Basic White Lightener Powder, you can be confident in achieving the perfect look every time.


  • Basic white powder lightener
  • BW2 dedusted powder lightener
  • BW2000 dust free, ultra concentrated