Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Color / 2 oz. / Black-1N

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Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Color / 2 oz. / Black-1N. Transform your client's hair into a stunning work of art with Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Color. Our unique Soy Complex formula not only adds depth and dimension to hair, but also boosts shine by up to 65% for a healthy, vibrant look. With 46 blendable shades to choose from, the creative possibilities are endless. Our bowl and brush application make it easy for professionals to achieve the perfect result every time. Whether you're looking to cover gray or create a personalized, radiant color, Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Color is the perfect choice for your salon.


  • Deep conditioning soy complex
  • 46 intermixable shades
  • 9 tonal pillars
  • 2 mix tones
  • Dedicated developer
  • 28 matching miss clairol shades
  • 18 complementary premium crme demi shades