Clairol Pure White Creme Developer 20 Volume / 32 oz.

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Looking for a reliable and effective developer for your hair coloring needs? Look no further than Clairol Pure White Creme Developer! This developer is designed to work perfectly with Clairol Professional haircolor and lighteners, and provides consistent and predictable results every time. Plus, with protective conditioners and emollients, you can be sure that your clients' hair will stay healthy and beautiful. Whether you prefer bowl-and-brush or bottle application, this creamy liquid gel with easy spreadability is perfect for you. And with strengths ranging from 10 to 40 volumes, you can choose the perfect level of lift for your needs. So why wait? Try Clairol Pure White Creme Developer today and see the difference for yourself!


  • Provides creamy consistency
  • Use for bowl-and-brush or bottle application
  • 10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-volume strengths
  • Use with lighteners and permanent haircolor