CLEAN & EASY Applicator Heater Unit

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Efficient and Convenient Wax Applicator Heater Unit.

The Clean & Easy Applicator Heater Unit is a must-have tool for professionals in the spa, salon, and beauty industry. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and convenience, this standalone heating unit is a valuable addition to your waxing toolkit. With its advanced features and reliable functionality, it ensures a seamless waxing experience for both you and your clients.

Fast And Even Heating

One of the standout features of the Clean & Easy Applicator Heater Unit is its five-sided heater plates, which provide efficient and even heating. This ensures that your wax applicators reach the optimal temperature quickly and consistently, saving you time and effort during your waxing sessions. Whether you're working with leg, body, or face applicators, this heater unit accommodates up to three leg applicators, one body applicator, and two face applicators.

Innovative Roller Heads

The applicator heads of this heating unit feature an innovative design with metal cores that maintain the heat effectively. This means that the wax stays at the desired temperature throughout your waxing procedure, allowing for precise and comfortable application. The roller heads face the heater plates, ensuring that the wax is heated efficiently, and providing you with greater control and ease of use.

Ergonomic And Space-Saving Design

The Clean & Easy Applicator Heater Unit is intelligently designed with ergonomics in mind. Its compact size takes up minimal space, making it a perfect fit for any spa, salon, or treatment room. You can easily incorporate it into your workspace without sacrificing valuable surface area. This design also enhances its portability, allowing you to take it with you wherever you provide your professional services.

Reliable Performance And Safety

This heater unit operates at 110 volts and must be grounded for safe and efficient use. Its standby setting allows you to keep the unit ready for your next application without wasting energy or worrying about overheating. It is recommended to allow a 30-minute warm-up time before use, ensuring that the wax reaches the desired temperature. Remember, for safety reasons, it's important not to leave the unit on overnight.

Take your waxing services to the next level with the Clean & Easy Applicator Heater Unit. Its exceptional features, reliable performance, and user-friendly design make it the ideal choice for professionals who value efficiency, convenience, and superior results.