Clean & Easy Cloth Wax Remover Strip / Small / 100 Pack

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Clean & Easy Cloth Wax Remover Strip / Small / 100 Pack. The Clean & Easy Cloth Wax Remover Strip is the perfect addition to your salon or spa. These strips are made from a blend of fabric and paper, providing unparalleled pliability, strength, and absorbency. Precut cloths for face, body, and leg reduce waste, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

Using these strips is easy with our patented Roll On wax applicators. These pre-filled applicators create a precise, drip-free, and perfectly controlled waxing experience on every area of the body. A single stroke rolls out a very thin consistent film of wax, resulting in perfect results every time. Because the wax film is so thin, your customer never feels the heat, making it a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Moreover, Roll On waxing means no drips, no mistakes, no burns. Wax applies at just the right temperature and thickness for perfect results every time. A beginner can be up and running within an hour; an experienced waxer within ten minutes, tops!

Clean & Easy Cloth Wax Remover Strip also offers a variety of sizes for precise control, including large for legs, medium for bikini, chin, underarms, nape of neck, small for the lips and eyebrows, and special fine line for delicate eyebrow waxing. This product is formulated to work on even very short hairs and is gentle to the skin without that suffocating odor long associated with other waxes and pot methods.

Take your waxing game to the next level with the Clean & Easy Cloth Wax Remover Strip. Order now and give your clients a waxing experience that is easy, effective, and comfortable.