Clean & Easy Wax Refill For Large Roller Heads / 3 Pack

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Clean & Easy Wax Refill For Large Roller Heads / 3 Pack. Original Wax - this high temperature wax is particularly Effective for removing stubborn hair. Perfect for all areas and for non-sensitive skin.

Each pack contains three (3) each Original Wax Refill Large (Leg) 2.8 ounce (80g) each refills total 8.4 oz. 240 g (without roller heads item #41238 ordered separately) to be used with wax warmer systems.

Roll On waxing is easy to learn... much quicker than pot waxing. A beginner can be up and running within an hour; an experienced waxer within ten minutes, tops! Roll On waxing means no drips, no mistakes, no burns. Wax applies at just the right temperature and thickness for perfect results every time.

Here's why! Patented Roll On wax applicators. Easy to use pre-filled, create precise drip free, perfectly controlled waxing on every area of the body. A single stroke rolls out a very thin consistent film of wax. Because the wax film is so thin your customer never ever feels the heat. And because the wax is not exposed until you roll it out, it is thoroughly hygienic. Disposable when empty, just pop a new applicator in the warmer... no fuss... no mess... no sticky anything. Available in four sizes, large for legs... medium for bikini, chin, under arms, nape of neck... small for the lips and eyebrows.. and special fineline for delicate eyebrow waxing. All give you precise control for neatness, speed and economy.

Naturally formulated waxes. All Clean & Easy waxes are blended from only natural ingredients like honey, beeswax, pine rosins, camomile and azulene. Formulated to work on even very short hairs, gentle to the skin and without that suffocating odor long associated with other waxes and pot methods.