CLEAN & EASY Wax Spa Full Service Kit

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Experience Effortless Waxing with the Clean & Easy Wax Spa Full Service Kit.

Discover the ultimate roll-on waxing system designed to revolutionize your waxing experience. Introducing the Clean & Easy Wax Spa Full Service Kit, the perfect solution for professionals like you who demand exceptional results. With its ergonomic design and user-friendly features, this kit is a must-have addition to your spa, salon, or treatment center.

The Ultimate Waxing System

Say goodbye to bulky waxing equipment that takes up valuable space in your workspace. The Clean & Easy Wax Spa Full Service Kit is expertly crafted to be compact, allowing you to maximize your workspace without compromising on functionality. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it effortless to maneuver during your waxing sessions.

Effortless And Efficient

The Clean & Easy Wax Spa Full Service Kit is not only easy to use but also easy to clean. Its innovative design eliminates the hassle of traditional waxing methods, saving you valuable time and effort. With this kit, you can provide your clients with exceptional waxing treatments while streamlining your workflow.

Customized Waxing Experience

This kit offers versatility with three types of cartridges tailored to specific areas of the body. The large 2.8 oz. cartridges are perfect for waxing legs, ensuring a thorough and efficient treatment. The medium 1.2 oz. cartridges are ideal for bikini areas, providing precise and comfortable hair removal. For delicate facial waxing, the small/fine 0.4 oz. cartridges offer exceptional precision, giving your clients a gentle and flawless experience.

Everything You Need

The Clean & Easy Wax Spa Full Service Kit comes complete with all the essentials to elevate your waxing services. Here's what you'll find in the kit:

  • Waxing Spa Heater
  • 3-pack of Large, Medium, and Small Original Wax
  • 3-pack of Large, Medium, and Small Sensitive Wax
  • 3 Large Roller Heads
  • 1 Medium Roller Head
  • 1 Small Roller Head
  • 1 Fine Line Roller Head
  • Package of Large, Medium, and Small Remover Cloths
  • 16 oz. Antiseptic Cleanser
  • 16 oz. Soothing Gel
  • 16 oz. After-Wax Cleanser
  • 16 oz. Skin Conditioner
  • Box of Antiseptic Towelettes
  • 3-pack of After-Wax Lotion
  • Insulated Therm-O-Sleeve
  • Educational Video
  • Instruction Manual
  • Counter Card

With this comprehensive kit, you'll have everything you need to deliver exceptional waxing services to your clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and loyalty.

Elevate your waxing treatments to the next level with the Clean & Easy Wax Spa Full Service Kit. Experience the difference in efficiency, precision, and client satisfaction. Order yours today and provide your clients with a waxing experience they'll rave about!

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