Collagen Mask with AHA (Accelerating) / 3 Pack

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Collagen Mask w/AHA (Accelerating) / 3 Pack. This 100% Freeze-Dried Collagen mask with added alpha hydroxy acid is applied for 20 minutes for an intensive moisturizing and accelerating treatment to fight against premature aging, wrinkles, and slackening of the skin. Great for dull, sluggish skin conditions. 3 pack.

Completely free of preservatives and perfumes. Virtually non-toxic. 100% pure collagen for hydration.


  • The mask is designed to be custom trimmed to accommodate all clients.
  • Set the facial steamer or prepare hot towel cabi with towels.
  • Pre-moisten the face using your fingertips.
  • Apply the mask and lightly press into place.
  • Cover the area with a warm towel and apply light pressure to saturate the mask or hold the mask into place using steam until the mask is thoroughly saturated.
  • Leave on the client for a minimum of 20 minutes with the steam or carefully change warm towels as needed.
  • The mask will turn into a gel-like substance that can be removed easily.
  • Blot the clients face with tissue.
  • Apply a protective moisturizer.


AHA's are also known under the term "fruit acids". Research has shown these acids are effective in loosening the bonds between excess dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin. AHA's peel away the top layers of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The visible results are a softer and smoother skin.


Native collagen fiber network onto which is added monomer soluble collagen molecules.