Color Club Mini Best Of The Best / 4 Pieces

Color Club
VO-224184   05DM4BB
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Color Club Mini Best Of The Best / 4 Pieces. If you're a spa or salon professional looking for high-quality nail polish that will keep your clients coming back for more, look no further than Color Club Mini Best Of The Best. This set of four year-round best sellers in mini .25 oz. bottles is the perfect addition to your product lineup. With shades like No. 381 Honey Bee, No. 829 Just Chill, No. 522 Special Effects, and No. 806 Killer Curves, your clients will love the range of options available to them.

Color Club Mini Best Of The Best is not just any nail polish set. These shades have been carefully selected based on their popularity and reliability in the beauty industry. Whether your clients are looking for a classic neutral shade or something more bold and eye-catching, this set has it all. And with the mini size, it's the perfect way to offer your clients a taste of multiple shades without committing to a full-sized bottle.

Investing in high-quality nail polish like Color Club Mini Best Of The Best is an investment in your business. By offering your clients the best products available, you'll build trust and loyalty that will keep them coming back time and time again. So why settle for mediocre nail polish when you can have the best of the best? Order your set of Color Club Mini Best Of The Best today and see the difference it makes in your business.


  • No 381 Honey Bee
  • No. 829 Just Chill
  • No. 522 Special Effects
  • No. 806 Killer Curves