Corpak Hot/Cold Pack with Strap 6" X 20"

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Corpak Hot/Cold Pack with Strap 6" X 20". Corepak Hot/Cold Pack with Strap Core Products' ground-breaking concept of simple, regulated hot/cold therapy comes to life with the introduction of the Dual Comfort Pack, the all- in-one tool which delivers proper hot/cold therapy throughout the full range of treatment, from acute to full recovery/maintenance. The pack, which is constructed of two different treatment surfaces, offers flexibility unavailable with any other product. The Dual Comfort Pack's high-nap treatment surface provides exceptional slow release of heat or cold for extended therapeutic benefit, and also allows fastening of the elastic strapping system virtually anywhere on its surface. The frost-free low-nap surface allows rapid transmission of cold for quick results on acute injuries. Finally, our innovative integrated strapping system allows this pack to be properly placed anywhere relief or therapy is required.