Deluxe Boar Hair Fan Brush 1.5"

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Deluxe Boar Hair Fan Brush 1.5". Boar Hair Fan Mask Brush Relatively scarce and fairly expensive, this hair has characteristics which make it unique and very suitable to certain applications. Each bristle is tapered from butt to tip, which gives it great resilience. The tip of each is split into two or more branches called flags. These flags penetrate into cracks, and reach every contour of the face and body. This brush has an increased ability to smoothly apply spa treatments to a surface, which makes it an unexcelled fiber for use in spa treatments and makeup application. Boar bristle is naturally brown, black or gray, but is often found bleached to a unique blonde color. The bristle is produced almost exclusively in China, hence the other name: China Bristle.

  • Dimensions: 1.5"